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kicking waterAngela Lee Chen, Artist

As an artist, my work is as diverse as my interests. I have been a digital artist on Photoshop and in graphic design since college. My mother, Rosa Lee, was a full-time artist in the medium of Chinese brush painting. When I was growing up, she would spend her days puttering in her studio, producing phenomenal work. I have come to realize that her creative imprint has shown up more and more in my life.

When I am not creating art, I am a full-time acupuncturist. I have also been teaching taichi and meditation for over 20 years. (See my acupuncture website here.)

I have traveled extensively, having grown up in Kenya. My father worked for the UN, so every two years the family went on home leave to China.

After graduating from the International School of Kenya, I attended Yale University, leaving with a BS in Biology. I participated in two years of cell biology research, before discovering a calling in Chinese medicine. I studied at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in Manhattan, NY.


Contact me if you have a project in mind. I love a challenge, big or small!

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